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(FOR EXAMPLE: Many ClickBank hop links are framebreakers.)

PLEASE NOTE: It is normal for your campaign to begin slowly and accelerate over time. Also, our system automatically throttles traffic to maximize your results so there may be periods during which your traffic stops.

Completed Campaigns: Campaign stats are removed approximately 3-5 days after the campaign has been completed.

Frozen Campaigns: If you receive an automated email letting you know that your campaign has been Frozen (Paused or Stopped), then there is something wrong with your campaign. You need to fix the problem and get it approved before you UnFreeze or Restart your campaign. TOS Violations (see below) will not be replaced or restarted.

Violation of Terms of Service (TOS): Any traffic campaign in violaton of the TOS will be stopped and terminated. The violation of the TOS will appear in place of the url. Violation of the TOS results in loss of credits and termination of the traffic campaign with no refund. Some examples of TOS Violation are sound on page, any kind of pop window, framebreaker sites such as most "hop" url sites, eBayStores, Adult Content, etc.

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